Evolution-LX2, an advanced LEXMARK TIJ inkjet coder

A Complete System
EVOLUTION LX-2 is complete and ready to install right out of the box The system includes the mounting bracketry, a hand held controller with tactile keypad for message entry, a printhead module with internal product sensor and power supply

Lexmark Inkjet Technology
EVOLUTION LX is driven with ink jet technology by Lexmark. This combination gives you the benefits of an affordable, compact and efficient design coupled with the reliability of printhead technology by Lexmark.

Optimum Print Resolution 300 or 600dpi
EVOLUTION LX delivers bold, highly legible and fully formed characters in a print resolution of 300 or 600dpiat production line speed of up to 60 metres per minute.

Ink Supply
Built into the printhead is an internal ink reservoir. Once the ink in the cartridge is depleted, it can be taken out, disposed of and a new ink cartridge inserted in just seconds. And, the printhead drivers developed forthe Lexmark cartridge deliver an approximate20% increase in the number of printable characters.

Breakaway Printhead Protection
A typical powered conveyor or case taper corrugated cartons can sometimes come through skewed or off centre. The horizontal adjusting rod that holds the printhead module has been designed with a breakaway feature that moves the printhead out of harms way should the carton come in contact with it. A detent in the assembly allows you to securely snap the printhead back into position after the misaligned carton has passed.

is a fully loaded system which includes all of the optional EVOLUTION-LX1 software as standard. EV2-LX can print one line of 1/2”, two lines of 7/32”, three lines of 1/8” or four lines of 3/32”.

Eight of the more popular barcode symbologies are built in to the EV2-LX. These barcodes include: I 2 of 5,Code 39,UPC-A, UPC-E, 128 B,128 C, EAN 8 and EAN 13.DataMatrix is available as an option.

Add-On Printheads
Adding another printhead is as simple as sliding it on. Each printhead module is manufactured with a dovetail slot on one side and a dovetail slide on the other. You can attach up to three additional printheads on a single bracket by inserting the slide on one into the slot on the other. A small RS 485 data cable is then used to connect the modules. This allows the hand held controller to network all of the printheads

Networking Capabilities
The hand held controller has the capability of controlling up to 32 individual printhead modules through the use of a RS485 data cable. A small data cable is used to connect the modules on the same production line while a longer cable connects them to the next production line in the manufacturing area. The printhead modules have a discreet address which is used to identify them for message entry functions. Complete PC control of the EVOLUTION I network through our EVOLUTION-NET software is available as an option.