Inkjet font range

The Evolution-1 system is capable of printing single or multiple lines in a variety of high resolution fonts.

 Below are some of the available fonts.  Note that the 12.7mm and 5.5mm fonts are standard with the Evolution-1 inkjet sysems. Other fonts are available as add-ons, and are able to be loaded onto the system via flash card media at any time by the end-user.

Evolution-1 fonts listing

 This range of fonts means the EVOLUTION systems are just as capable of printing large outer shipping cartons as they are printing small inner packs.

 More fonts are able to be loaded onto the system on request, including different font styles such as ornate fonts and script fonts.

 All fonts are able to be expanded or compressed to suit the print area. This is easily achieved by increasing or decreasing the printing speed.

Below is an example of the same standard 12.7mm font in normal, expanded and compressed styles. The diagrams below are just examples – any font can be compressed or expanded in very small incrementsto suit the individual application.

1) Standard width

2) Expanded width

3) Compressed width