EVOLUTION-LX Lexmark TIJ Inkjet Coders
The latest range of EVOLUTION inkjet coders is now available, utilising a Lexmark thermal inkjet cartridge to offer even LOWER pricing and even MORE features!

Lexmark-based EVOLUTION inkjet coders are now available, offering users another improved level of affordability and functions over the already impressive EVOLUTION-HP range.

What is different?

The decision to offer a LEXMARK based TIJ inkjet was made to leverage a few features of LEXMARK technology that are not feasible using Hewlet-Packard cartridges (which offer it's own different advantages).

  • Cartridge costs on average 10% cheaper than EVOLUTION-HP cartridges
  • Increased print distance – up to 10mm from printing surface
  • Up to 20% improvement in cartridge yield compared to EVOLUTION-HP cartridges
  • BOLD printing option of 600dpi for a darker, denser print.
  • LX-2 models offer mixed-raster printing (large plus small lines together)

What can the LX do?

The LX inkjet coders can:

  • Print use-by dates on egg-cartons
  • Product information on cartons passing on case-taper
  • Small date-codes on carton end-flaps
  • Timber pine batten printing
  • Plasterboard edge printing
  • more…and more… and more!

The EVOLUTION inkjet printer package

An Evolution inkjet coder comes complete with:

  • LX modular inkjet printing head
  • Low-voltage adapter (units operate on only 12VDC!)
  • Adjustable mounting bracketry
  • Hand-held universal controller

One universal hand controller is used access the molular printhead to program the message and parameters such as speed, direction and print-delay.

The SAME universal controller can also be used to program ANY other EVOLUTION system – regardless of model!. Therefore, 2 or more separated printheads can operate independently – using one controller to program each.

This means owning MULTIPLE PRINTERS does not mean having to purchase multiple complete systems – saving on equipment costs.

For more information, please visit the EVOLUTION-LX product pages: