PC-Based EV-Net Software

EVNet, a user-friendly Windows based software application for real-time administration, configuration and monitoring of a network of EVOLUTION printers.

1. Software Disk.
2. Standard USB TO RS485 converter.
3. Optional converter RS232 to RS485 specify on ordering.


  • Connect a network consisting of up to 32 EVOLUTION printers
    (EV1, EV2, EV-LX I, EV-LX II and/or EV-SC).
  • RS485 network assures an industrial noise free environment.
  • Maximum cable length of 4000 feet (1200 meters).
  • 115 kps transmission speed.
  • User assigned printer name.
  • Group Printers according to production lines.
  • Storage and retrieval of an unlimited number of messages.
  • Download logos(graphics) created as bitmap (*.bmp) files from a PC to EVOLUTION printers.

System Requirements:

  • PC (Desktop or Laptop) with:
    1. Microsoft Windows XP (Professional/ Home version) or
    2. Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional/ Home Premium version).
  • Minimum 50 MB available hard drive disk and Minimum 2 MB available RAM.
  • Graphics card with a resolution of minimum of 1024×768 pixels.
  • CD drive.
  • Mouse or a compatible pointing device.
  • Available RS-232 Serial Port with a DE9-male connector or USB port.