Continuous material printing

Continuous material printing

Sample print Evolution inkjet

The customer required a coloured print to be applied at intervals on a roll of material.

 The Evolution system provided highly legible prints that could be easily changed in colour without having to flush the printer.

Two printheads, programmed by a single controller, were mounted on a custom made bracket to allow for the lines to be easily changed according to the width of the material.

After printing, the material entered a machine which folded the material and inserted a spring. As such, the speed of the material was not constant, with a lot of stop-start motion. 

This issue was easly solved with the use of an encoder, which provided a speed signal to both printheads and enabled the printers to maintain a consistent width and distance apart – regardless of whether the material was stopped, accelerating or decelerating.



Unit with encoder
Both printheads with encoder wheel
Material Entering insertion machine

Material entering insertion machine

End result on part
End result of print on part