PC/PLC Interface

It is possible to communicate with EVOLUTION printheads using a host PC or PLC.

This is achieved via a physical connection and by programming the interface as per the communications protocol.

Networked printheads

  • The EVOLUTION Printer Series have an installed base of approximately 13,000 (Thirteen Thousand) systems in a variety of industries in different countries around the globe as May 2011.
  • The EVOLUTION Printer Series have already been successfully integrated into gummed tape machines, labeling equipment, tray wrappers, form fill and seal machines and more.
  • The EVOLUTION Printer Series offer an exceptional opportunity to System Integrators and OEM’s.
  • The EVOLUTION Printer Series have two operation modes:
    1. A STAND-ALONE environment. with the hand-held controller which limits the user for a more simplified approach and actually uses less tha 50% of the system capabilities.
    2. A FULLY INTEGRATED AND CONTROLLED environment from an external source such as: a PC-based automated control system or a PLC, through:
    • THE BUILT-IN EVOLUTION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY: This is the low-level communication protocol which is implemented using the standard RS485 serial comunications protocol via a RJ-45 connector, along with:
    • THE EMBEDDED EVOLUTION COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL (EVP): This is our propietary (easy to use) high-level application protocol to specify how EVOLUTION Printing Language and data (ASCII hex encoded) are structured in order to access/retrieve all the features of the printing system via a serial link for integration into special environments.
  • With either operation mode, the heart of the system is this propietary technology based on a modular design offering a level of sophistication nort generally found in other ink jet technologies, therefore allowing the use of advanced programming standards for a Windows based applications.
  • Costs can be greatly reduced via system integration by eliminating the requirement for such items as the hand-held controller, power supply etc.
  • Evolution Inkjet is available to assist our OEM’s and System Integrators in their endeavors to partially or fully integrate the EVOLUTION Printers into their special integration environments.


  • PC (Desktop or Laptop) with:
    • Microsoft Windows XP (Professional/ Home version)
    • Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional/ Home Premium version)
  • Minimum 50 MB available hard drive disk and Minimum 2 MB available RAM
  • USB Port or RS-232 Serial Port (with a DE9-male conector)
  • Standard USB TO RS485 converter (Part #: DEC40020-3)
  • Optional converter RS232 to RS485 (Part #:DEC40020-1)
  • At least one EVOLUTION printhead module

Physical Connections

RS232/485 Converter. Requires DB9 connector for computer interface

RS232 to RS485 connector dec40020-1

USB to RS485 converter module. Supplied with 10ft cable
Download drivers for this converter

USB - RS485 Converter cable

USB to RS485 converter with 1.8M cable
Download drivers for this converter

USB to RS485 converter cable

Communications Protocol

Please refer to the “Communications Protocol” from the user manual

Communications Protocol

To assist, there are a few utilities to download – also provided on the instruction CD that comes with the units.

  • Physical Connection between a Serial Port and an EV1 or EV2 Printers.
  • E.P.L(Evolution Printer Language) Utility.
  • EV Communications Basic Commands Utility.

Download Utilities

Should you require a software program for programming the printhead modules via a PC interface, please refer to PC-Based EV-Net Software.