EVOLUTION-1 Inkjet Printers


Evolution dual-head setup

What is the Evolution-1 Inkjet?

EVOLUTION-1 inkjet printers are a thermal inkjet (TIJ) inkjet printer using HP ink cartridges to produce a high-resolution print quality at a low cost.

The low-cost EVOLUTION-1 inkjets can be used either as a replacement for a roller-coder, printing large text onto cartons, or as a small character printer with 2 lines of text! This means the system is more than just a carton coder.

Different ink cartridges

Inks are formulated for porous or semi-porous substrates in a variety of colours and recently released, the 4700 non-porous ink formulation means almost anything can be printed, from HDPE to stainless steel!


Networked or standalone printheads

The Evolution system offers a number of different alternatives on printhead setup. Each head is “independent” and is able to operate without a controller, using an onboard memory and sensor. Each head is also able to operate on a network by daisy-chaining the heads using network cabling.

In effect, this means each extra printhead can operate as a separate printer!!

Low-maintenance costs, no maintenance parts

These HP-based inkjets require no regular ongoing maintenenance.

  • NO valves
  • NO filters
  • NO flushing
  • NO solvents or make-up solutions
  • NO ink tubing
  • NO printhead servicing/alignment
  • NO nozzle replacements

Each time a HP cartridge is changed, you dispose of the old “printhead”, as this is integrated with HP’s unique cartridge design. So you start with a fresh, new printhead every time!!!

Sure, but it must be expensive to run, then…..

The HP-based EVOLUTION-1 systems enjoy VERY low cost-per print operation – even before you take the lack of maintenance and spares into consideration. As such, it suits even manufacturers of low-price, high-volume grocery items such as eggs.